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Welcome to Amazonite Treatment Center, an evidence-based mental health treatment center for adults experiencing mental health challenges. We offer a warm and supportive environment designed to empower our clients’ journey towards recovery while guaranteeing complete discretion. We have many evidence-based mental health treatments, including medication, behavioral therapy, or a combination of both. The most effective treatment for each patient depends on their needs and specific disorders. That’s why we offer:

Anxiety Treatment​

Anxiety disorders are unhealthy responses to fear or stress. Our anxiety treatment center offers several techniques that have proven to be effective in helping people with anxiety disorders. The recommended treatment for anxiety disorders could include talk therapy, medication and Adjunctive Therapy. Amazonite's therapists can work with you or your loved one to determine the best program for their anxiety treatment.

Depression Treatment

Depression can cause you to feel helpless, hopeless, or worthless. We provide several effective depression treatment programs that produce long-lasting results that improve your mental health. We'll recommend the best course of depression treatment for you or your loved one after the initial diagnosis.

Bipolar Treatment

We provide bipolar treatment to help patients understand their condition and live healthily despite it. Our licensed doctors and healthcare professionals know the best treatments and therapies for regulating bipolar disorder and can identify the best solution for each client's unique situation.

Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment

A personality disorder can cause problems with emotional regulation and thinking. BPD treatment uses a combination of psychotherapy and medication. If you need borderline treatment, Amazonite is here for you. We offer various services and personality disorder treatment methods to help you learn the skills you need to move beyond your disorder.

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OCD Treatment

There is no cure for OCD, but there are OCD treatment centers and OCD treatment options available, including medication and therapy. We offer OCD treatment in California which health professionals provide.

PTSD Treatment

There are many ways to cope with PTSD. When getting PTSD treatment, you want to make sure you are working with a competent provider. Amazonite offers an evidence-based PTSD treatment program for adults battling mental health issues.

Discover Our
Tailored Mental Health
Treatment Programs

At Amazonite, we understand that every individual’s journey to recovery from mental health issues is unique. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of tailored mental health treatment programs to meet our clients’ specific needs. This means that each client enrolled in our mental health facility will receive individual attention from a therapist and psychiatrist, as well as gaining exposure to a multitude of traditional and alternative therapies that best adapt to their needs and preferences.

Our mental health facility offers different levels of care including:

Residential Program

also known as inpatient treatment, involves staying at an expert mental health center with full time supervision to keep patients focused on recovery away from triggering environments. Patients also have access to a range of support from specialist doctors and therapists.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

designed to maintain a person’s mental health in such a way that prevents relapse or full hospitalization. PHP offers flexibility that allows patients to follow an intensive mental health treatment plan in a structured environment while immersing themselves back in the community.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

a lower level of care ideal for people who are stepping back into their day-to-day life with a thorough, daily regimen of group and individual therapy to begin the process of rebuilding their lives and preparing for real life.

We also offer transitional supportive housing options for PHP and IOP treatments. Call Us to learn which level adapts better to your needs.

Why Choose Amazonite Treatment Center?

We believe mental health health facilities should offer only the highest levels of care, this belief reflects every aspect of our treatment programs in California.

Some of the essential benefits from our mental health services enjoyed by clients include:

  • Compassionate and experienced staff.
  • Licensed, empathic, respectful and professional team.
  • Personalized treatment before, during and after recovery.
  • Fun offsite exposure & Holistic approach: Yoga, hiking, zumba, beach day
  • Constant motivation and help to transition back to life.
  • A healthier and more peaceful alternative to hospitals.
  • Comfortable and high-end amenities and accommodations to live in.
  • Low patient-to-staff ratio
  • Wide variety of treatments
  • Individual, Family & Group Therapy

We don’t want a lack of financial means to be the reason why you can’t access treatment. That’s why we accept most health insurance plans. Our admissions team will help you verify your insurance availability and will work with your provider to ensure the cost to you is minimal.

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