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Amazonite Treatment Center is here to help you overcome the affliction of addiction and we guarantee complete discretion. You don’t need to suffer in silence.

We are a dual-diagnosis facility with a primary focus on substance abuse. We offer individualized, extended-term treatment in an intimate setting located in Corona, California. We take a holistic approach to treating addiction, offering a variety of treatment modalities centered around identifying and resolving the underlying issues associated with the addiction.

Each client enrolled in our program will receive individual attention from a therapist and psychiatrist as well as gaining exposure to a multitude of traditional and alternative therapies. Treatment types will be based on census of residents, including: Holistic Care, SMART Care and 12-Step.

Drug Detox

Our drug detox services are part of a program designed to treat the individual in a safe and comfortable environment as they work to cleanse their body of drugs.

Drug Rehab

Partial Hospitalization Program

Our partial hospitalization program offers drug counseling, individual and group therapy/ support groups, medical care, and medication as needed.

Residential Treatment

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehab is a type of addiction treatment where patients reside at a rehabilitation facility while receiving supervised and highly structured care for their drug and alcohol abuse.

Intensive Outpatient

Intensive Outpatient

Our IOP treatment helps clients develop healthy behavioral patterns to live a substance-free, productive life. We offer multiple sessions for flexibility within your busy schedule.

Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol Rehab

Rehab is the process of treatment for alcohol use disorders such as addiction to alcohol or binge drinking tendencies.

Alcohol Detox

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient rehab is a form of alcohol or drug rehabilitation that allows patients to live at home while still working or going to school.

Intensive Outpatient

Sober Living

Sober Living Homes provide continuing care after addiction rehabilitation treatments. Residents stay in a supervised recovery home. They share the goal of achieving full independence after proof of stable sobriety.

Alcohol Rehab

Aftercare Planning

Aftercare is a plan to support someone in their early recovery, prevent relapse, and help them as they work toward their life goals.

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Spacious Private Rooms

Comfortable and luxurious quarters with private rooms. Cell phones are not allowed to be operated by residents unless prior authorization is approved during the intake process.

Maximum of 6 clients per residence.

  • Safe 24/7 monitored detox
  • Non 12-step & holistic options
  • Dual diagnosis programs
  • Long-term rehabilitation arrangements
  • Thorough aftercare planning

Clean & Safe Residential Home

Recovery requires a complete change in lifestyle and behaviors. Treatment and therapy provide the insight and tools to do so. We offer a safe, comfortable, and amenity filled residential facility. 

Our residential program allows our patients to safely manage the trauma and mental health issues that led them towards addiction. This allows them to live a fulfilling life.  Residents of our program complete an individualized treatment plan which incorporates important aspects of our program


Fully Furnished Living

Going through treatment for a drug or alcohol issue requires energy, and focus. An upscale rehab that offers private rooms allows the person going through treatment a private space that’s quiet. Like a little oasis, a private room can provide solace and time to reflect, pray, or just rest.

Our fully furnished rooms allow our residents to stay focused on their recovery and developing healthy life skills that will be integral for living a life in recovery.

We Accept Most Insurances

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Amazonite Treatment Center cultivates a safe, comfortable environment for patients and families across California to be emotionally connected to their treatment provider. Our recovery management and alumni programs support a life-long recovery. Your journey to recovery doesn’t end with day treatment or outpatient, once you’re with Amazonite, you’re always with Amazonite.