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Aftercare is a plan to support someone in their early recovery, prevent relapse, and help them as they work toward their life goals. An aftercare plan includes activities, interventions, and resources to help a recovering person cope with triggers, stress, and cravings that they may face when treatment is over. Each person’s aftercare plan will vary based upon their own needs. Your plan may include:

  • Participating in your treatment center’s alumni program.
  • Staying in sober living for a period of time.
  • Attending 12-step and/or other recovery meetings.
  • Reaching out to a sponsor and other members of your sober support system.
  • Attending individual and group counseling sessions.

Having an aftercare plan is important because many people face difficulties when transitioning out of treatment. The risk of relapse is highest in the first few months after someone leaves rehab. Between 40% and 60% of people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction experience a relapse at some point in time. This rate is comparable to other chronic conditions such as type I diabetes, hypertension, or asthma.

Developing an aftercare plan in early recovery can help prevent a relapse by providing you with support and allowing you to continue to work on issues surrounding your addiction. Once you feel established in your sobriety, you can also begin to give back to others who are newly sober.

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How Does Amazonite Create the Aftercare Plans?

As your time in treatment comes to an end, you will likely meet with therapists, counselors, or case managers who will help you set up an aftercare plan. You can also work with an outside therapist or addiction professional to come up with a plan.

When creating your aftercare plan, your therapist will help you consider your particular situation, including whether you will need to find housing, employment, or continued treatment. Your plan will also depend on how far along you are in your recovery and how often or long you may need care.

Once you are aware of your needs, you can work with a therapist to find resources in your local community and online that can help you address these areas. For example, if you lack sober housing, then finding a sober living facility will be an important component of your plan.

The length of your aftercare plan will be based on your needs. Some people are in aftercare for weeks or months, others for a year or more. Most programs recommend that a person stay actively engaged in follow-up or aftercare for at least 1 year, and adolescents may need follow-up care for longer periods. You can also continue to modify your aftercare plan over time as your needs and goals change.

Alumni Programs with Amazonite Treatment Center

Our treatment center offers alumni programs for people who have successfully completed our treatment and may continue to face challenges to their sobriety. Alumni programs provide tools and support to help you cope with your addiction as you transition back home after treatment.

Our Alumni Programs offer:

  • Sober events held weekly or monthly.
  • A telephone hotline to call for support.
  • In-person or telephone check-ins.
  • Online support through email, message boards, and social media.

The goal of alumni programs is to connect people with continued support. In-person events allow you to meet other sober people, discuss your experiences and struggles, and receive advice and encouragement. These events may also involve participating in fun sober activities so that you can begin enjoying life without using drugs or alcohol.

Unlike treatment programs, which are typically brief, alumni programs usually offer their services for an extended period of time or as long as needed. Actively participating in our treatment center’s alumni program can help you stay strong in your recovery and prevent future relapses.

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